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My cover art for Kathryn Gossow’s debut book, Cassandra was commissioned by Odyssey Books.

Cassandra is an abstract work that reflects the book’s main themes of loneliness and psychic ability with its downward-looking silhouette of Cassie, whose swirling thoughts and visions are represented by the swirling birds and wheels of fortune. The abstract flames and lurking snake are visual hints of the story’s parallels to Greek mythology’s Cassandra of Troy. I created the flames and the background textures with water colour, and used pencil to draw the silhouette and the birds.

Set in rural Queensland in the 1980’s, high school-girl Cassie’s ability to predict the future – sort of, sometimes – sets her apart from her peers. Shunned as ‘weird’, a lonely Cassie finally discovers a confidant, Athena, who helps her explore and hone her predictive abilities by recording dreams and visions and studying Tarot. But, trouble is brewing. Cassie attracts the attention of the cool clique at school, who introduce her to marijuana, unleashing vivid and increasingly disturbing visions.

Clawing back her sanity and frightened by her darkening visions, Cassie turns her back on prophecy but cannot shut off her premonitions. The future hurtles at her like a speeding car. Cassie must lose nearly everything to understand how to let go of the future and live in the present.


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