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My cover art for Alan B. Pierce’s second book, The Mine of Eternal Spring was commissioned by Horizon Publishing Group.

The brief was to evoke the lawless days of the Victorian gold rush, giving a sense of time and place for the story. To do this, I based my hand-drawn (graphite) portrait of the book’s main character on an amalgam of old photographs of Australian gold miners. I superimposed my portrait against a photograph (provided by the author) of an old gold mine shaft, set amidst the Victorian bush landscape. And, the sense of time and place is enhanced by sepia tones, browns and yellows.

The Mine of Eternal Spring is set in the remote mountains of Eastern Victoria in 1973. It is the story of a disparate band of gold miners given to drinking and gambling, but steadfast in their conviction that the mine has hidden riches. The group is led by Roland, the 23-year-old heir to the mine, who leaves his fledgling legal career – and, his girlfriend – back in the city. Wrangling his men, his love-life and the mine is a rollercoaster ride, dishing out tough life lessons.

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